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India is not only the country of spices and of the Taj Mahal, it is also the country of beautiful jewellery. In fact, Indian women have always had a great passion for adornments, the most intricate and delicate, the better. Their unique and special jewellery sets have made the Indian women renowned across the globe for their beauty and gracefulness, because the adornments are carefully created to complement and enhance the beauty of a woman. The history of Indian jewellery goes back to ancient times and the tradition for women to wear stunning gold adornments during their weddings has always been a big part of their culture. The first thing you can say about Indian jewellery is the fact that there is a plethora of designs available for every woman to feel unique and special when wearing them. It is difficult to find the same pattern in two different stores, which shows the love and passions of Indian jewellery designers. Not only Indian women are fascinated by their jewellery, women across the world are amazed by the designs and hold a collection of adornments for special occasions. This high demand has determined an increase in offer, so you can easily find jewellery shops where you can purchase traditional adornments. While there is no shortage of shops, you should still pay great attention where you buy your jewellery from, as not many providers have products that stay true to the unique Indian style of craftwork.

The first thing you should know about Indian jewellery is the fact that you can classify it into two main categories: South Indian and North Indian. Therefore, you should not skip to the conclusion that a set of jewellery is not originally Indian just because it does not look familiar. While the designs of jewellery from the south is inspired from nature, you will find floral patterns, but also pieces with a leaf, cloud or even rain drop design. Also specific to Indian jewellery is the combination between gold and various precious stones of vivid colours. The passion for adornments have also determined crafters create very intricate designs, so the handmade antique Indian jewellery sets sell for a lot of money. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete a very intricate design from gold, so not only the stunning beauty, but also the exceptional attention to detail has determined the price for antique Indian jewellery to skyrocket.


The Indian traditional jewellery has also made popular adornments such as anklets, armlets, nose rings, toe rings and bangles. The most famous and popular Indian jewellery still remains the Judau work, which can be considered pieces of art. This particular adornment has been introduced by the Mughals and amazes through its incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail. The complex jewellery is engraved in intricate patterns by very skilled and patient crafters, which makes this type of jewellery very valuable and popular in India, but also in Sydney.


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