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The Importance of Good Eyewear

August - 2 - 2013

People say that the eyes are windows into the human soul, but what’s certain is that they’re our windows to the world. That is why it is so important to care for them and protect them, whether it’s about wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. Vision care is something that should concern us all, which is why doctors recommend we take our first eye exams in the first few years of life; that is when developing problems can be noticed and corrected.

The Beginnings

The first eyeglasses were invented sometime in 1286 in Italy, and proof is a sermon delivered by a Dominican friar by the name of Giordano da Pisa. However, using lenses as a means of magnification had already been done thousands of years ago, dating back to ancient Egypt. It is obvious neither the Egyptians, nor the medieval world had any means of measuring diopters and correcting sight issues ideally, but magnifying lenses were a huge improvement and they allowed those with bad sight to read, write, and basically go on with their lives. As for sunglasses, they too are an ancient invention; interestingly enough, the first “glasses” to block the sun’s rays were invented in prehistoric times, when Inuit people built them from ivory, leaving just some narrow slits to see through. However, modern sunglasses as we know them appeared only in the late 18th, early 19th centuries; they had amber or blue colors and were sometimes prescribed to people with light sensitivity.

Eyewear Today

Nowadays, there is an almost infinite array of eyeglasses and sunglasses, and they are so intermingled with fashion that even corrective lenses have to follow some trend standards. What is important though is that today we are able to correct almost any eye problem, and there is even the possibility of purchasing sunglasses with diopters. Eyewear brands today, like Stanton Optical, offer a large variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses with their respective accessories; they even create a friendly community for their customers with events like Customer Appreciation at Stanton Optical, thus surpassing their obligations. You can find out more about them at, and perhaps you will be able to find eyewear accessories to your tastes and preferences.

Looking into the Future

It is almost useless to insist on the importance of vision, and how much more difficult life can be without it. That is why it is so vital to wear good eyewear, and to invest in products which really protect and help us, improving our health. Purchasing sunglasses just because they are fashionable is a very bad idea, because if they are not well manufactured they can truly affect your sight, leading to irreparable damage even. All in all, make sure you never stress your eyes, that you read in good light, and that you go to optical exams regularly.


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