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Luxury watch brands are defined by exquisite designs and state of the art mechanisms. Among the numerous brands which rave about their luxurious products, certain brands stand out through their constant dedication to quality. Such is the case of Roger Dubuis, the only watch manufacturer which is  100% Poinçon de Genève certified.

  • High quality standards

Poinçon de Genève, also known as the Geneva seal is a quality certification for wrist watches made in Geneva. Switzerland is often associated with sophisticated watchmaking techniques and the most famous luxury watch brands have their headquarters in Geneva. The Poinçon de Genève hallmark is one of the highest proofs of quality and few watchmakers can brag with this stamp. In order to be 100% certified with the Geneva Seal, a watchmaker must comply with all of the 12 quality criteria. However, each and every one of the Roger Dubuis watches are marked with the Geneva seal.

  • Roger Dubuis History

Despite the fact that the Roger Dubuis is one of the most well known luxury watch brands, it does not have a long history. However, in just a couple of decades, this brand has managed to exceed the quality standards of prestigious watchmakers who have been in the industry for hundreds of years. Roger Dubuis founded his first atelier in 1980. He started not only with enthusiasm but with a lot of experience gathered by working for 14 years for the prestigious Patek Philippe brand. Soon after, Dubuis started to make a name for himself, he was joined in his effort by Franck Muller and together, they built one of the most successful luxury watch brands.

  • Sophisticated mechanisms

The Roger Dubuis watches are examples of a perfect combination of luxury and precision. The brand takes great pride in the double tourbillon mechanism, a revolutionary technique which improves the accuracy of a watch. Many of the Roger Dubuis models feature a skeleton design which reveals the intricate mechanisms of the watches. The display of the sophisticated mechanisms is beautifully blended with the elegant cases which are often made of platinum, gold or even titanium. Given these facts, it is easy to understand why this brand is associated with the Swiss perfection.

  • Luxury accents

A luxury watch should be defined only by its perfect Swiss mechanisms. However, Roger Dubuis manages to bring luxury watches to a new level of quality, combining the precise devices with precious materials and jewels. Many of the Dubuis watches feature diamonds or rubies. The display of precious jewels is subtle and it embellishes the watches, without stealing the spotlight from the time mechanisms.

  • Collections

The Roger Dubuis collections are inspired by four emblematic characters: the player, the warrior, the venture and the diva. The world of the player is represented by the  Monégasque Collection, characterized by elegant and masculine designs. The world of the warrior is captured in the  Excalibur Collection which is defined by power and sophistication. The exuberance and spontaneity of the venturer is defined by the Pulsion collection. The Velvet Collection paints the world of the diva with smooth design lines and eye-catching precious accents.

Each collection represents a vision and each watch is an example of why Roger Dubuis is one of the most  prominent luxury watch brands.

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