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Raymond Weil Geneve appeared as a watch brand in 1976. What makes these watches different from the other is their creativity, originality and luxury. And if you are only for top brand products which mean much more in terms of quality and reliability either you like branded cars or any other original and exquisite things then you might also get interested in having a watch you will see on no other man wrist. Because they have this design they are very expensive. It is known that one watch from this watch maker can cost thousands of dollars. In this hard times, if you own a Raymond Weil Geneve watch and you are in need of money selling it is the best way. To make sure that you get the best price for the watch go to a pawn shop because they are specialized in jewelry.

This year the company has launched an anniversary watch to celebrate the 35 years. IT has been this long since the company has launched its first watch on the market and since it has made a name on the luxury watches market. The stone which is carved in the watch is ruby. The reason why the company chose this stone is because it represents: love, family and victory.

Because so many years have passed the Raymond Weil Maestro Special Edition Watch is special and at the same time very complicated. It is very unique and it should be since it is an anniversary watch.

The watch sticks to tradition which means that chic and classic are the words to best describe it. The watch is mechanical but with automatic winding.

This anniversary watch is the pride and joy of Raymond Weil Geneve and because is a special edition all the money made from selling the watch will be donated to a hospital in Geneva, the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit of the Geneva University Hospital. Other locations have been mentioned in the donation such as: the Singapore Cancer Society and the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Now lets move on to the design of the watch:

  • it is stainless steel
  • the case is round and is of 39.5mm
  • it is water resistant: it can resist up to 50 meters
  • the front and the back of the watch have sapphire crystals engraved
  • the glass from the top covered a dial of a dark grey
  • it is automatic mechanical RW 4200
  • the strap of the watch is made of leather and it is brown

This is the Raymond Weil Maestro Special Edition Watch which was launched in aniversary of 35 years since the company was born.

Raymond Weil Maestro Special Edition Watch Pictures Gallery

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