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Men’s Watches Buying Guide

November - 6 - 2015

Choosing men’s watches can be difficult, as there are many criteria to take into account. Being one of the few accessories men usually wear, the timepiece becomes an essential part of their image, therefore making the right decision is a must. Moreover, various men have various tastes in watches. For example, watches can be great fathers day gifts from son, but only if the son considers his father’s taste and doesn’t just chose something that he personally likes. So what to consider when looking for a men`s watch? Below you can find out some very useful information.

Watch Style

Basically, there are three main watch styles: dress (classic), designer and sports watches. The classic model usually features gold material, a plain thin case, thick markings and hands, and an elegant distinguished look. On the other hand, sports watches are large, reveal prominent and luminous markings, and have a high water-resistance.

Some brands, such as Tissot watches, were made especially for sportsmen such as golfers, who needed their watches to serve a double purpose. On the one hand, they have to show the time and, on the other hand, they have to offer several features that make the golfing experience better.

As their name suggest, designer watches refer to those original pieces created by famous designers.

External features

Most reliable watches are made of stainless steel, but case materials can also be plastic, base metal, resins, and gold plated base metals. The expensive ones are crafted of solid gold or other precious metals. A veritable watch should have a sapphire crystal, but there are also plastic and mineral glass crystals.
When it is about bracelets, you should know that the stainless steel ones last longer than the leather ones. Still, leather means classic, while exotic skins straps are a modern attraction. The dial can be either digital or analog. Items such as Bushnell watches have a minimal designs and they are made of durable materials that ensure lasting performance.

Watch Movement

There are five types of watch movements: mechanical chronograph, quartz chronograph, automatic quartz, Lithium-iodine (LID) batteries and Eco-Drive movement Thermo.
The mechanical chronograph requires manual or automatic winding. Even if it does not need winding, the quartz chronographer must have its batteries replaced from time to time. Automatic quartz movements are battery free, while Eco-Drive Thermo watches use temperature as a power source.

Water Resistance

A 30 meter water-resistant watch will suffer no damage after a rain or a gentle splash, but the 100 meter water resistance is minimum for sport diving.


Along with the standard hours, minutes and seconds hands, watches can also come with complicated functions such as calendars, chronographs and chronometers. The choice depends on your expectations.


There is not price limit in watches unless you establish one. If you expect the price tag to be less than $200, the options are reduced to quartz watches with plastic crystal and cheap materials. When you rise the sum to $700, you can get an automatic quartz watch featuring stainless steel and leather.
In case you are ready to spend more than $1000, you will be the proud wearer of a mechanical watch made of precious metals and sapphire crystals.


The watchmaking industry offers a large palette of choices.
Do not hesitate to compare similar products. Closely analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a watch before purchasing it so your final choice meets your expectations. If you are buying a watch as a gift, the brand is very important as it shows the value of a product. When it comes to fathers day gifts from son, choose prestigious brands in order to show your father your appreciation.

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