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Watches for men have a very long and complex history, going back hundreds of years, and being closely related to social and historical developments. Starting as a tool for soldiers or airplane fighters in wars, they soon became a fashionable accessory as well.

While the wristwatch as we know it today was born as a bracelet-type accessory for aristocratic women, and was therefore for a long time considered a feminine adornment, men began finding uses for it as well, and this is how it was adopted into their wardrobes. Today, the wristwatch is a much more important accessory for men than it is for women, and it can still be representative of the elegant business-type who wants and need to be on time for every meeting.

As most of you know, the best watches have always been made in Switzerland, and we here at Roger Dubuis have encompassed those traditions and ideals for perfection that all Swiss watches boast. The watches for men in our collections are bold and creative, with unique designs; but most of all, they benefit from the Geneva Seal, which certifies them as luxury watches of great quality.

The Roger Dubuis watches for men are manufactured piece by piece, and any of the 31 unique movements (Quatuor, Minute Repeater, Perpetual Calendar, Flying Tourbillon, Skeleton, Chronograph and others), are created by hand, by our experienced watchmakers, custom made to fit any special design. Our collections cater to various tastes, but they do have in common the fact that every single watch benefits from the utmost attention to detail and timekeeping performance. Here are some of the collections that you can choose from:

  • Excalibur – There are about 42 models of watches for men in this collection, and you can choose from various types of movements: automatic, chronograph, automatic with jewelry, automatic with stone dials, and the very special Skeleton flying tourbillon. The last of these criteria is present with some mesmerizing watches with movements visible in the dial, almost like showing the watch’s skeleton, all for your enjoyment.
  • La Monégasque – This line of watches was inspired by the elegance and class of Monte Carlo, so the pieces have a cleaner design. Most watches from this collection feature gem-studded dials, chronographs, and leather straps, making them true representatives of Haute Horlogerie, ideal for elegant outfits such as tuxedos.
  • Pulsion – Roger Dubuis took his apprenticeship at Patek Phillipe, and this made him realize he could create wristwatches that were just as good, if not better. The Pulsion collection is a perfect example, containing models of watches for men that are amazingly intricate, with a technical design, for the more casual or sporty types. The materials used for these watches range from black titanium to pink gold, and they feature rubber straps.
  • Velvet – This is the collection that best represents the elegant and chic man; the watches found here are refinement incarnate, and can be considered the epitome of what we are trying to create at Roger Dubuis. Some of the materials our manufacturers used are yellow, white and pink gold, with diamond-studded dials, such as the impressive Automatic – High jewelry RDDBVE0002, which contains no less than1,300 diamonds.
  • Hommage – We created this classical collection as a tribute to the company’s founder, Roger Dubuis, one of the best contemporary watchmakers. The watches for men found here present the complex Skeleton Flying Tourbillion, but they have an overall more vintage appearance. The Minute Repeater RDDBHO0560 is a masterpiece of fine watch making, and its design is the perfect metaphor for Dubuis’ person and work.
  • Historical – Watch collectors know that any historical collection of luxury watches will contain unique watch models, usually in limited editions, that can be considered like the concept cars of the automobile industry. Here, the watches have rectangular dials with complications; you can choose between sportier and more elegant watches with precious stones, but the time-keeping and attention to detail are the same.

Roger Dubuis dreamt of creating his own fine luxury watches, and he managed to create in almost two decades, a brand that some struggled to elevate for hundreds of years. The watches we make, as counseled and taught by him, stand to this day as an example of craftsmanship, artistry and detailing; our watchmakers and designers work hand in hand to bring a product to perfection and offer customers precisely what they want: precision. Our collections can be a great avenue when shopping for that special gift, or for a new addition to your private collection of watches for men.

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